Thursday, 9 February 2017

Some Top Tips For Travelling Around London

Whilst on the train this morning and trying to think of upcoming posts it occurred to me that I should write about my experiences. So here it goes, here are some of my top tips for travelling around London. 

  • Wear layers of clothing - it may be cold outside but it will be boiling hot on the tubes (London Underground).
  • Make sure your bag has zips - there can be pickpockets (as with any place).
    Bring a fold away carrier bag - this is great for when you visit Oxford Street and they don't take up too much space I'm your bag.
  • Pack a travel charger - good to have if your phone is running low on juice.
    When going down escalators always stick to the correct side which is the right hand side, if you unsure they will normally have a sign on the wall. The left side is for fast people and busy Londoners, if you don't wish to be trampled or heavily tutted at I would stick to the right. 
  • If you go on the tube and you have a backpack, please put it on the floor in between your feet, I say this for all short people who have experienced being smacked in the face with a bag.
  • Bring hand sanitizer, London is filled with lots of people and lots of germs.
    Get your oyster card out ready when you get off the train, you don't want to be the person holding everyone up at the turnstile. 
  • No matter how much of a rush you are in, don't rush through the turnstile; if it closes on you - it hurts.
  • If you have long hair and are planning on taking the tube then I would suggest putting your hair up. It is too hot in there without having the extra 'scarf', also if it becomes static it will stick to everyone around you.
  • Wear flat shoes. London is smaller than you think and you can sometimes walk to a different tube station quicker than to wait the queue to get on. It also allows you to get some 'fresh' (as much as London can get) air and avoid being crammed on the train. Also you may notice that lots of professionals wear trainers with their expensive suits.
 I hope these tips will help if you are travelling around London. If you have any useful advise for travelling around London please let me know in the comments below.

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Delayed Year Welcome

It seems like I start every year with the best intentions to do my blog however something happens half way through the year where I seem to lack motivation. I came up with loads of excuses to myself as to why I haven't posted in a while - "I haven't taken photos, I was too busy or even I can't do it whilst I'm travelling " , which is sometimes true but if I was dedicated I would let those things bother me. These are all reasons that I hoped not to use this year but as it's nearly February now I fear I have already failed this.
I was very lucky to have been given some nice blogging materials for Christmas which I plan to use throughout the year. Maybe I will share some of these with you guys, if you'd like that then please comment in the section below.
As it's a new year I wanted to come up with some objectives for things I want to achieve this year (blog wise).

This includes:
  • Coming up with a new blog name
  • My current name is so me but I don't want to confine myself to just Disney. Even though most of my posts are mostly Disney.
  • I'd like to come up with a new blog design - keep it updated.
  • I would like to go to at least 1 blogger event.
  • I have never been to one and I know of many Disney blogger friends who attend them regularly.
  • I would like to make at least 5 new blogger friends - I'm sure the blogging event will help with this.
  • I want to make at least 3 posts a month. (I'm aware I have already failed this but I will continue to try).
  • I would like to do at least 1 collaboration piece with someone I'm not related to.
Hopefully I have not made these too unrealistic. If you've got any objectives for this year or if you would like to do a collaborative piece please message below.
Hopefully by the end of the year I will no longer be a seasonal blogger but a regular one. :-)

Thursday, 19 May 2016

20 Facts About My Disney Life

I was going through some of my favourite Disney blogs the other day and came across an interesting one by Amy from Cocktails In Teacups called 20 Facts About My Disney Life. It sounded like an interesting tag where you share 20 interesting facts about how Disney intertwines with your life. Of course like any other tag you then have to tag others at the end to do it as well.  I couldn't help but give it a go myself.

Disney is such a big part of my life and I want to share with you all these little things that make up part of my life. 

  1. I collect Disney Funko Pops figurines, Tsum Tsums and trading pins.
  2. Drawing Disney characters, particularly Mickey and Minnie Mouse are my go to when I'm stuck for inspiration.
  3. Mickey Mouse has always been my favourite Disney character even though I don't normally watch his movies anymore, with exception to mickey a Christmas carol that gets watched at Christmas.
  4. I have only gone to ComicCon twice and both times I cosplayed Disney characters. The first time was Vanellope Von Schweet and the second was Merida from Brave.
  5. I love listening to Disney songs, especially 'Be Prepared' from lion king because it reminds me of family holidays to Spain.
  6. I love Disney shopping bags. I have so many that I'm kind of glad we now have to pay for carrier bags so that they get their uses.
  7. I have lots of Disney PJ's. I would say that I have over 15 pairs, including 4 Disney onesies..... Sulley, Minnie, Daisy and Nemo.
  8. Although I absolutely love Disney, I don’t think I will go back to Disney World until my husband and I have children. Disneyland is different though.
  9. I had a Pixar themed wedding and all of the tables were named after Pixar couples.
  10. My husband says that he doesn’t like Disney and is adamant that Pixar and Star Wars are separate. I go along with it so we can watch movies together.
  11. Until this year I had been to Disney World every 4 years since 2000. Unfortunately, this year I can’t afford it.
  12. When I was younger, my family and I would have a Disney Day. This meant we all dressed up as Disney characters, listen, watched and did all things Disney.
  13. My Dream Job is to work at/for Disney. I have even applied for different Disney jobs 3/4 times.
  14. Me and my sisters use to sing and make dance routines for Disney songs. We would then perform them for our parents. Love those times.
  15. My family and I would play Disney board games/trivia almost every weekend. It would always come down to me and Sammie.
  16. Before doing my Disney blog and our Disney chats (Thursdays), I never really had any friends that liked Disney as much as me. I am however lucky enough to have a Disney mad family and a best friend who loves the Lion King.
  17. I actually really like the name Mickey as boys’ name. My partner doesn't agree, hopefully he will change his mind by the time we have kids.
  18. I always cry when I listen to baby mine from Dumbo or Good Company from Oliver and Company.
  19. I have over 4 pairs of Mickey/Minnie mouse ears, including the ones that I made. I plan on buying and making more in the future.
  20. If I were to get a tattoo, it would definitely be Disney related. It's one of the things that bonds my family, is a big part of me and I can't imagine I will ever grow out of it. In fact, I hope I don't.

I would like to tag Sammie of The Belle Jar Blog, Kayleigh from KayleighKMUA and Jane of BlushFeatherLipstick.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Disney Phone Cases

I met up with some of my friends last weekend and I noticed that we all had Disney phone cases on. When I first started to look for phone cases when I got my phone a few years ago I found it really hard to find a decent case. All of the ones I could find were very plain and I struggled to find one that fit my Disney obsession. After a few different Disney Cases I found the one that I love. I didn't however take a picture of it and now it is getting a bit faded now and needs replacing. This is what began my crazy hour or so searching for cool phone covers.
Unfortunately I have a Samsung S4 so its quite old now and you cant find that many nice Disney covers for that phone anymore.

I did however have fun searching for all of the Disney cases.
Find below just a few of some of the Disney cases that I really liked. Most of them appear to be for the iPhone so maybe I will need to invest in one for the future, but for now I like the options that are available on Redbubble. There were some really cool phone covers on their website that I couldn't get the pictures for so you should check the website out.

    Please note: None of the images in the post are my own & are the property of their respective brands

Minnie Mouse - DisneyStore
Tinkerbell - Redbubble
Mickey Mouse Quote - Disney
Dwarfs - Ronney's
Disney Tardis - Redbubble

I hope you liked this blog post.
If you come across any cool Disney covers for a Samsung S4 send a link my way, or if you have a Disney phone cover and are proud share it below I'd love to check it out. I might end up with a new case for everyday of the week.